Exterminator Goes Where No Other Man Would

He is as cool as a cucumber. But he can go wild if circumstances call for it. He is not around the bend. But he is around the corner, waiting for the next emergency call. He will be there in a flash. Or as soon as reasonably possible. Or at a time that is convenient to the caller. But usually the mosquito, cockroach, termite, tick exterminator columbus ga specialist endeavors to come as soon as possible. Because surely to goodness, there can be nothing worse.

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There can be nothing worse than an infestation, a verifiable plaque of insect-ridden pests, so hard to get rid of, if at all, with all other (very) poisonous remedies that desperate folks could buy from their supermarkets or hardware stores. But in actual fact, these concoctions never really worked, did they? You won’t find the exterminator using these. He’s got something better up his sleeve. Don’t ask, just book him.

Mosquitoes you want to get rid of as soon as possible. Because all it takes is a single mosquito to spread a deathly disease. Like malaria, for instance. Yes, it does originate from the jungles, but mosquitoes you see, they like to migrate. And they can travel thousands of miles across deep oceans with nary a bite to eat.

Both cockroaches and ticks are a definite sign that your premises are in dire need of some serious housekeeping. Go and have a look at your yard right now and see if this much is true.

And while you never see the critters at all, there will be those that regard termites as the worst pests of the lot. They are so destructive they’ve been known to bring entire properties down to its knees. Hurricanes and tornadoes can eat their hearts out.